Ellen Berman

“In these still lifes, I am interested in the notions of beauty, the extraordinariness of the ordinary, the transitory nature of and inevitability of loss inherent in every living thing.

Because of my education in the study of literature and because of my life-long addiction to the reading of fiction, metaphor and narrative play a large role in my paintings.

Painting pictures of objects from the most ordinary of worlds – the table, the kitchen, the grocery store – allows me to look at these objects long and differently. It is a matter of paying attention. It is a form of meditation.”

Ellen Berman earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin; a Master of Arts degree from the University of Houston, Texas; and continued her studies at the Glassell School of Art, Houston. In 1988 she was the recipient of a Mid-America Arts Alliance / National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship Award in Painting, Printmaking, Drawing and Artists’ Books. Her work has been included in numerous one person and group exhibitions throughout Texas and beyond.

Image Courtesy of © Rino Pizzi 2010