David Hicks

In my work I am interested in the aspects of organic things I see everyday. The objects I make are often abstractions from original forms that visually stun me. Trees, flowering plants, or objects that have fallen to the ground catch my eye. I have an obsession with seeds, flowers and vegetables. This probably comes from growing up in an area dominated by agriculture. It may also be about my desire to understand my origin and preserve my memories. Since I often work with collections of objects, I think about the arrangement of these objects as they assemble in space. Often my processes are intuitive acts that reveal themselves as I maneuver through the work.

My sculpture is not always about the object, it is also about the making. I am a sensual artist, connected to my material though the process of touching. This is what I know of myself and it explains my navigation in the studio. I want my sculpture to retain aspects of their origins and that of the interpretations they acquire through the subjective process of interpretation.