Daniel Joseph Martinez

Daniel Joseph Martinez is internationally recognized for his politically charged art. According to critic Jeffrey Kastner, Martinez “unapologetically probes uncomfortable issues of personal and collective identity, seeking out threadbare spots in the fabric of conventional wisdom. […] A strategic provocateur with a keen intelligence and a wicked sense of humor, Martinez deploys the full range of available media in his practice, having used at various times (and in various combinations) text, image, sculpture, video, and performance to construct his uniquely tough-minded brand of aesthetic inquiry.”
Martinez’s work has been exhibited internationally since 1978. He officially represented the United States in the Cairo Biennial in 2006 and has participated in major exhibitions in cities ranging from Lima, Peru to Moscow, Russia, as well as the Whitney Biennial in both 1993 and 2008. A graduate of California Institute of the Arts, he is a Professor at the University of California, Irvine.