Cynthia Padgett

Leaving Kansas City for Baltimore, the artist began her studies as a musician, training with faculty at The Peabody Institute and Goucher College. Unfortunately, her hearing began to deteriorate in her early twenties and music was no longer an option. She changed her focus to art and it became the center of her creative passion. At Goucher, she studied with the modern art historian, Lincoln Johnson and painter, Hilton Brown. Their influence can be seen in the vibrant colors and modern scale of the artist’s works. Some of the lyrical qualities clearly stem from her musical background and familiarity with art history. She has experimented with photographic perspectives, handmade papers, pastels, oils and various media to arrive at her interpretative imagery. In her professional pursuits, she has not followed in the footsteps of Abstract Art, but has maintained a sense of Realism throughout. Although her work is about capturing moments in time, she also captures timeless, universal themes, bringing the viewer into the work. It is as if the viewer is a participant, floating through the petals, tasting the fruit or traveling through deep space on a personal journey. Studies at Hopkins included courses with art historian, Phoebe Stanton which added another perspective to her work as did her time studying art history at the Walters Art Museum. The artist presents a personal vision that touches on things in our lives that have the potential to transport us to a moment of beauty, connection. The portraits are a labor of love and each one incorporates the person’s view of himself with a quality which is unique. Most work is done in a series or touches on a theme that includes from three to ten works.

The artist has had 5 One Woman Shows in NYC, shown in Washington, Ghent, Tokyo and Yokohama, Geneva, and Paris. Her work is on display in the US Embassy in Suriname and in many private collections.