Christopher Marona

A professional photographer for over two decades, Christopher Marona has achieved national acclaim for his dramatic lighting. When not shooting for commercial clients, he enjoys sharing his passion with students and guests at his photography workshops and tours.

His fine art photographs possess a captivating blend of sumptuous color, dazzling light and compelling drama that pierce the very soul of our cowboy legacy. The artist captures the very essence of ranching lifestyle, linking wranglers of today with those who rode before. Marona has earned national acclaim for his fine art photographs that are showcased in galleries around the country. His work has been featured in virtually every western or cowboy magazine over the last two decades.

Chris hosted several episodes of the television show, Canon Photo Safari. The first was filmed in Acadia National Park in Maine. Later episodes were shot in Australia with actor Wayne Knight whose many credits include Broadway, Seinfeld, Third Rock from the Sun, and Jurassic Park.

Chris has provided imagery for commercial clients such as Polo, Anheuser Busch, Aramark, US Post Office, Roper apparel, Wrangler, Coty and Jeep.

His editorial clients include Mountain Living, Luxe, Western Horseman, American Cowboy, Persimmon Hill, Southwest Art, and USA Today.

His books include “Colorado Cowboys,” published by Westcliffe, “Life in the Saddle” by Gretel Ehrlich, “Action Photography”, an educational publication by Jonathan Hilton, “A Ranching Legacy” and “A Heritage in Iron” both by Rafael Routson. He also photographed and produced the book “The Lindner Ranches, A Legacy of the West”.