Carol Sims

Having grown up on a farm surrounded by flora and fauna, Carol Sims draws inspiration from the natural world, as well as her professional background as a commercial graphic artist. When asked to participate in Ambassador Yun’s Art in Embassies exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Sims was thrilled at the idea of having her art represent her in a diplomatic setting. A Rhapsody of Blue Lilies holds special significance—the flowers are taken from a pond she designed and planted in the garden of her former home. Working from a photograph, she began by sketching the essential forms of the composition in pencil. Then she quickly filled the positive shapes with layers of acrylic medium using a dry brush and a bold, improvised palette. From a distance, her subject is instantly readable, but up close familiar shapes dissolve into an abstract interplay of patterned color:” I enjoy the challenge of creating a puzzle to guide the viewer through the composition and to imagine the effect my painting will have—a viewer once said he wanted to bathe himself in the color—I consider this a great compliment.”