Bryan Osborn

Bryan Osburn’s energetic paintings deftly weave together colors, lines, and shapes that are alternately delicate and bold. His paintings are imbued with a striking harmony and vitality. The complexity of his paintings is owed to their many contradictions: flat fields of color are accented by more modulated areas of color; seemingly two dimensional areas are inexplicably layered in depth; and clear, solid lines give way to broken, blurred lines.

Osburn has said of his work: “I like the space that exists in between abstraction and representation. What we can observe and how we feel when looking beneath the surface or through mere reflections. This is the terrain of the mysterious and the unexpected, and the place I set out to explore. It is a place that can express a sense of beauty and harmony.”

Osburn earned both his bachelor of fine arts degree and master of fine arts degree at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. He has participated in group and solo exhibitions around the world. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn.