Betty Paiz

Betty Paiz’s tireless work reflects her attachment to Mother Earth through her powerful and delicate speech. We see her skill evident in her handmade works—her commitment to master the tough craft of carving stone, balancing its surfaces to blend strength, dedication, time, sensitivity, and craftsmanship and reinforcing her creative vision. Her studies strengthen her creative process, the academic, non-formal structure building on her clay and stonework.

In her own words, she describes her creative approach as follows: “The works spring from my connection with elements of the earth and in an organic way, from the nobility of materials, which becomes evident both in carving and molding. The genesis of creation in the constant search for the BEING in balance with nature as well as its natural components. In it I propose an exchange of feelings and interpretations in duality, in their aesthetics, an appropriation of the materials working in the continuous examination, construction, and conservation; a dialog as a physical, spiritual, and sensory retreat.”