Becky Johnson

Born near St. Louis, Missouri, Becky Johnson spent her childhood traveling extensively with her military family. From her earliest years, drawing has been her primary creative outlet, and after moving to Colorado in 1972, she began to pursue painting as a full-time career.

Becky’s distinctive style in the dry medium of pastel is self-taught. After an early focus on painting wildlife, in recent years landscape has become her primary subject. Photos taken while traveling to and from art shows often provide reference for new work, and in 2005 an opportunity to paint ‘en plein air’ added another exciting element to her landscape painting. She is especially intrigued by light, and often chooses to light a scene with early morning or late afternoon sun.

Becky participates in juried and invitational exhibitions throughout the west and Midwest, and her work has received numerous awards. Her work is included in collections throughout the United States and overseas and is available in a growing number of self-published reproductions.