Barbara Fox

I crave beauty, peace, and order, and paint subjects and settings that reflect this idyllic view of the world.
My working method pays homage to the Dutch masters and the tradition of academic painting. I work from life and photographs. Watercolor and oil paintings begin as detailed drawings to which a number of glazes are applied, building deep values and rich colors. The process of completing these works may take many weeks, so I usually have several paintings in process at once. Creating artwork is both a meditation and an adventure that opens my eyes to our beautiful world.

Barbara Fox is a painter recognized for still life and floral subjects in watercolor and oil. Her meticulously crafted paintings are exhibited and collected internationally, have received numerous awards, and have been selected for publication in fine art books and magazines. Her paintings have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the United States, including the Phillips Museum of Art in Lancaster, PA, The Neville Museum in Green Bay, WI, and the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, Spain. Barbara’s work has been published in 3 editions of the watercolor publication Splash: the Best of Watercolor Painting, and has been a featured artist in the leading national art magazines American Artist and Watercolor Magic. She leads watercolor workshops around the country, teaching her method of layering washes and painting details.
Barbara also works as an illustrator, and currently is a designer for the United States Mint. 21 of her designs have been minted as coins and medals.