Antonio Murado

Murado is an extraordinarily versatile painter with a voracious and omnivorous appetite for source material. His paintings range from heavily textured impasto dirges to melodious arias, and always demonstrate his virtuosity with materials and skill at creating subtle painterly effect. In this series of paintings, inspired by Shakespeare’s Ophelia, Murado orchestrates a range of techniques with stunning results. Rather than depicting the tragic heroine herself, Murado uses various methods to blow liquid paint across pale scrims of brushed on, semi-transparent color. The blown paint creates vaguely petal like forms that float over veil-like cooler hues, reminiscent of flowers on a watery surface—the most poignant and poetic symbols of Ophelia’s fate. The subtle palette and meditative mood of these works, coupled with their layered physicality and bold brushwork, show that Murado is an artist who would have been at ease in the most brutish abstract expressionist circles but is not afraid to paint delicate and unabashedly beautiful pictures.

Antonio Murado’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally for nearly two decades. His work is held by virtually every museum in Spain and is included in major public and private collections throughout Europe and the United States. A native of Lugo, Spain, the artist currently lives and works in New York.