Annie Darling

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Annie Darling studied fine art and graphic design at the University of Oregon and at the University of Southern Maine where she graduated with a degree in Communication Arts. She has enjoyed a distinguished career as an artist, art director, and designer, and her paintings can be found in public venues and private collections world-wide.

“Encaustic painting is an intensely physical, intellectual and spiritual pursuit. I paint on large wooden panels that require me to move around them constantly in order to drip and smooth the pigmented wax into place. As I move around the work I am continually assessing the elements and their relationship to one another, making choices about color, adjusting the heat of the iron to change the viscosity of the pigment, and deciding where and when to add or remove wax.

I come from a family of artists and I have always seen artistic expression as a natural way of and understanding the world. I am influenced by my surroundings and the lines, forms, shapes, shadows and the rich textures in nature. With all my senses engaged, the experience of the moment finds its way into my thoughts and suffuses itself in the work.”