Alexis Weidig

Alexis Weidig’s work is inspired by her Albanian Orthodox heritage, art history and American pop culture. Weidig’s use of craft materials such as artificial birds, artificial flowers, sewing appliqués, rhinestones, in addition to furniture pieces and chandeliers, is linked to this hybrid of cultures; Albanian Orthodox/American, old/new, high/low and hints to an aspiration for status and the “good life”. Weidig’s accomplishments as a visual artist, in tandem with her unique cultural perspective, give her work a powerful resonance, ensuing in a suspension of preconceived notions in both art and culture. Her work inspires a thirst for knowledge and discovery, while inviting the viewers to bask in a harmony of rich colors, full textures and pleasing shapes.

Alexis Weidig received her BFA from the University of Southern California, and her MFA from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has shown widely in Los Angeles, as well as nationally and internationally. Her work was recently selected for an exhibition showcasing emerging Los Angeles talent at the Scope-LA 2004 art fair.