Abdoulaye Ndoye

A professor of art at the École National des Beaux Arts du Sénégal, Abdoulaye Ndoye completed his formal artistic training at the Académie Royale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Brussels, Belgium. His work includes painting, woodblock prints, ceramics and design. Many of his recent endeavors are based on his invented script that resembles African graphic symbols and Arabic calligraphy. He is a member of Huit Facettes, an artist collective that organizes art-making workshops in rural Senegal. He has exhibited his works in Africa, Europe and North America and selected works by Ndoye grace the collections of numerous private collections in these regions. Ndoye was born in Dakar, where he continues to live and work.

“Born from woodcuts and love of carving, came the incredible wooden books and boxes. This is a natural evolution – if you talk about writing, you talk about lines, you talk about pages, and you think about books! Paper is wood, there is no difference between paper and wood.”