Elizabeth Hack

In May 2020, Elizabeth Hack started off the Art in Embassies Virtual Exchange Series. In the new digital format, which was created to continue to amplify the program’s cross-cultural exchange mission, Hack spoke to students and other community members in Tunisia about her background, her process, and Wave X2 and Wave X14, two abstract paintings that are on display at the United States Ambassador’s Residence in Tunisia.

LocationTunis, Tunisia
Project TypeVirtual Artist Exchange
Virtual Exchange

This virtual exchange was organized in coordination with U.S. Embassy Tunis’s Public Affairs team, which set up and moderated the video conference call. The participants in the virtual exchange were able to observe Hack in her California studio. At the end of the talk, the artist took questions from the audience about her art education, her inspirations, and her personal journey as an artist. “You exchange cultures, and it brings the world closer together,” said Hack about sharing her work with Art in Embassies.

Virtual Exchange Tunis

Elizabeth Hack - 2020