Art in Embassies exhibition to Ankara residence walk through

Ambassador and Dr. Ricciardone on May 26, 2011 unveiled an exhibition of American art work loaned to the Embassy as part of the U.S. Department of State’s “Art in Embassies Program.” Ambassador Ricciardone describes his favorite piece in the collection.

Full Transcript

0:13 he has a lot of natural teams it a
0:15 bringing the outdoors the garden be seen like this
0:19 into the house we’d like that function perfected or advance this art
0:23 via ceramics
0:26 and coloring the Sorrento in lucidity
0:29 and safety in his SS would I think that it
0:33 is that the owners I’m J tomorrow that I carry its teams
0:38 be like who copper the to muster
0:41 joke gagnon missus told her chin
0:44 the so tonight isn’t that who couple
0:48 symbol woman you’re successful in your is there no
0:52 said you lose and that’s the story of our lives we’ve always been drawn to
0:56 to visit around the world we never see a door
0:59 but it that it draws us into it and especially these doors of the Orient as
1:04 you see here
1:05 you see little suggestions of oriental script I’m
1:10 the mystery that senate the smoke it’s the title of it in fact
1:15 leaders temple door correct temple smoke
1:18 which is just suggest a lot of mystery
1:21 and romance and enchantment
1:25 so we like this one i think is our favorite of all
1:28 although we love all her works you’ll see others around the house they have
1:32 fragments of a
1:33 I Arabic writing farsi
1:36 in them and of course Turkish
1:39 writing