Pamela Biolley

After completing a BFA and studying art conservation, Pamela followed Robert Henri’s directive that “real students go off the beaten paths, whether by themselves or by others, and have adventures with the unknown.” She jumped a three-masted schooner with the intention of circumnavigating the globe while painting and drawing.

Her commissions included a 20 ft. X 6 ft. oil painting for the Sant Ocean Hall of the National Museum of Natural history in Washington, D.C.

Transfixed by an exhibition of Itchiku Kubota’s tsuigahana kimonos of the four seasons, she stretched canvas for a 42 ft. X 6 ft. work drawing on the gathered aesthetics, teachings and splendor of her world travels.

Pamela still travels on and off the path, hoping what she is creating will transcend all she has envisioned. For her, art is a daily practice.