Lars-Birger Sponberg

Born in Sweden, Lars-Birger Sponberg immigrated with his family to Evanston, Illinois in 1930. He attended the Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois where he studied with Kenneth Shopen, Laura Van Pappelendam, Louis Ritman, and Carl Schwartz.
In recent years he has painted the Midwest landscape as viewed from the roadside. His bold use of color and strong sure strokes pay tribute to the landscape; they invite the viewer in to experience the broad vistas of the Midwest. In Sponberg’s words: “We often mark the significant events of our lives and fail to note the passages that lie in between. In using the Midwest landscapes as subjects of these paintings I am calling attention to the extraordinariness of the commonplace the in betweens of the celebrated places as well as the in betweens of our lives.”

Sponberg’s work is found in numerous private collections. He has had work shown in solo and group exhibitions in Sweden, New York, and the Chicago area.


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