Jennifer Vranes

With their extreme texture, and colors just brighter than reality, Jennifer Vranes’s paintings capture an intense energy that is both positive and uplifting. An extensive world traveler, she draws inspiration from places she has seen. Through her art, she transports the viewer to distant lands where poppies grow wildly in breathtaking meadows; where fragrant lavender is farmed in lush rows in France; and where aspens quake in the Rocky Mountains. Vranes finds the secret utopias that often go unnoticed, and she captures them on canvas for the world to enjoy. Blending the traditional and the contemporary, Vranes has developed a technique that involves a dramatic use of texture. What is smooth or textured in life has the same characteristics in her paintings. The sky or distant mountains, for example, are flat and smooth, while the thick trunks of trees, or grasses in the foreground have a real life-like texture. This contrast gives a distinctive three-dimensional effect to her paintings.

Vranes studied oil painting at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in April 1998. After graduation, she met and married Matthew Vranes, a native of San Francisco, California. Living in that city had always been a life-long dream for her, so they moved to San Francisco to see what the exciting art scene had to offer. There, her practice took flight and her colorful landscapes garnered broad recognition. After establishing her career in San Francisco, Vranes returned to her roots in southern Oregon.