Jacqueline Bishop

Jacqueline Bishop’s work often engages questions of memory and is a means of contemplation. Her paintings, drawings, photo-collages and textile-based work seek to understand and come to terms with contemporary society. There is a strong narrative element in her work and she almost always works in a series. Her work tends to privilege the telling of women’s stories. She is also very taken with the natural world, with flowers, and she often merges floral and female imagery to make a comment on environmental issues. Increasingly her work engages collaging, decollaging, and the use of text in her paintings and drawings. Her work has been exhibited in Belgium, Italy, Morocco, and the United States. Ms. Bishop is also an accomplished poet and writer with five books to her name, including, “Writers Who Paint/Painters Who Write: Three Jamaican Artists.” (Peepal Tree Press) Ms. Bishop was a 2008-2009 Fulbright Fellow to Morocco; the 2009-2010 UNESCO/Fulbright Fellow; and is a full time Master Teacher in the Liberal Studies Program at New York University.