Anne Marie Price

As a self-taught mosaic artist, Anne Marie Price cultivates her interests in coastal environments, naturally drawn to the beaches of Southern California. Using tesserae, or cut stained glass and ceramic pieces, the artist adds detailed elements to her works that the viewer cannot easily see; they serve as messages that “we need to look closely at our world in order to appreciate all its many facets.” Her intricate mosaics vacillate between abstraction and contemporary, as well as nature and portraiture. Price also explores other materials such as mosaic on stone and acrylic paint.

Originally from Wisconsin, Price discovered mosaic art in 2003 and moved to California in 2011 to focus on her artistic career. Her teachers in the medium included Mireille Swinnen, Carole Choucair Oueijan, and Kim Larson; she was even an assistant on an award-winning project for painter and glass mosaic artist Mia Tavonnatti. Price is also known for her temporary mosaic beach art, which were previously broadcast in the CBS Sunday Morning Show and KTLA Los Angeles News. She began creating mosaic surfboards, originally as part of a commission for a local charity auction. Her prizes include the People’s Choice Award for the first mosaic surfboard dedicated to women surfers (2018), and the Olive Stack Artist’s Residency in Ireland (2019). She is a member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists, Contemporary Mosaic Art, Artist Guild of Fallbrook Art Center, and Huntington Beach Art Council. Her works have been exhibited at the Ciel Gallery in North Carolina, Institute of Mosaic Art, and Irvine Arts Center—both in California.