2020 Exchange

Elizabeth Hack Virtual Exchange Tunis

In May 2020, Elizabeth Hack started off the Art in Embassies Virtual Exchange Series. In the new digital format, which was created to continue to amplify the program’s cross-cultural exchange mission, Hack spoke to students and other community members in Tunisia about her background, her process, and Wave X2 and Wave X14, two abstract paintings that are...
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US Embassy Paris virtual exchange

In December of 2020, Ambassador Jamie D. McCourt and the U.S. Embassy in Paris hosted a webinar about the Art in Embassies exhibition at the Ambassador’s residence for an audience made up primarily of university students in Paris and their professors.
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Christine Nguyen

“I wanted to be a part of something in Vietnam, where my parents came from and where my mother’s family still resides… Even though it is a complicated and emotional subject, I think we have to keep working together to keep our countries’ peaceful relationship, similar to how working on this project has enhanced my...
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