Art in the Embassies opening 2012

Art in the Embassies opening in Yerevan, Armenia with Ambassador Heffern.

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0:05 why
0:06 this
0:08 this
0:10 this
0:14 my wife Livia I posted a reception to display an exhibit
0:18 great artwork by Armenian an American artist with special needs
0:22 we have 11 paintings by Armenian artists
0:25 and 8 by American artists
0:29 I got attention shut down a shutout and
0:33 got this is like colors you talking about color at three necesito my sis
0:37 have got up what I got
0:39 about misbehaving posse up the new cutting-edge
0:44 got out a bit me do not complete your mod
0:48 over nothing to do with the time I so for me
0:51 and efficiency different callers to make up painting to look really nice
0:55 I like to left study showed a reflection of the Sun in the water
0:59 uniform yeah show for
1:03 yes I share dole’s and
1:08 said
1:09 and today he has not yet started arts and Katie he’s just that
1:13 self-educated partners in the United States and here
1:16 helped us identify these artists oh and we’re display their artwork at the
1:21 residence
1:21 at the reception we gave them some awards for the great work
1:25 and we thank them for the joining the call that they brought to our house
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1:34 I’m
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1:39 having small-minded I happy
1:45 good time
1:46 time
1:49 said that three is on the wheel and that will is taking me to the places that I
1:53 would like to see
1:54 three smiling to me and they’re lazy fucks lol
1:58 that’s so nice the purpose of this event is to raise public awareness
2:06 on the challenges and the opportunities that disabled people and people with
2:09 special needs
2:11 and what the exhibit really does show it shows what
2:14 creative and talented people can do when given a chance