Virginia Praschnik

“My stories are told without words, so you can hear with your eyes,” explains Virginia Praschnik when describing her creative process: to tell the story on a canvas, inviting the imagination to sense—a where, when or why. Using oil painting impasto with palette knife allows Praschnik to emphasize textures and experiment with color and contrast, giving her representational artwork a distinct character. With her passion for art, she has achieved a successful career in both design and visual arts; yet, painting is her preferred method of communication and liberated expression.

Born in San José, Uruguay, Praschnik gained artistic expertise at her mother’s studio, starting art school at age five. In 1981, she moved to New York, where she first pursued metalsmithing, design, and sculpture. She then moved to Miami Beach, Florida, which remains her home since 1987, and became visual artist and a jewelry designer at Praschnik Fine Jewelers. She exhibited her fine art at Art Basel in Miami Beach (2016 and 2017) and Art Impact International (2020), and was a featured artist in Artist Portfolio Magazine (March and April 2018). To this day, the art studio is still her playground.