Sy Mohr

Sy Mohr is a contemporary American painter best known for large mural like depictions of people, their architectural environs, and activities. His paintings celebrate the cultural and ethnic diversity of people in many parts of the world. Nearly always the people are set in a place – be it a city, town, or neighborhood – that speaks of them as richly as their clothing, shapes, complexions, races, groups, gender, and expressions. Mohr’s paintings stand in rebellion against the forces of conservative ethnocentrism, totalitarianism, hate, bigotry, holocaust, and war. Mohr paints a prototype of what the United States is at its best and must be in the future. And in the face of repression, depression, evil, prejudice, and the steel gray of poverty, crime, and despair in urban life, Mohr responds with a rainbow, an irrepressible joie de vivre, and a contagious love and acceptance of people.