Serinity Knight

Art can serve as a window on the pain of those that are unseen, and thus can hold the promise of moving people to take action. My goal in making any series of work is to show the suffering from many differing viewpoints. I take a highly personal approach to my subjects and tend to focus on the psychological condition people are in as well as the physical, using marks that describe how people feel inside,not just how they appear. I want to express us as true survivors and reveal the tenderness, the courage, and the dignity of human beings living under conditions
that few can dare imagine.

The subject matter of my work is generally narratives of fragmented human bodies and portraiture with symbolic elements. I work with the human figure out of compulsion and necessity. Stemming from an insatiable curiosity about
the actions, motivations, and psychology of those around me, the human figure has always found its way into my art. Being socially reserved by nature, my work becomes a catalyst for me to connect with others …