Rotimi Akinnere

Rotimi Akinnire
Rotimi Akinnire’s works sips into canvas the serenity and quiet ambiance embedded around the bosom of nature. He explores the grove, forest or woods and transforms it into resplendent scenery where the flora becomes a mnemonic reference to a utopian landscape. Lush trees with fine and green gigantic stems tower into the expanse; sometimes are depicted by the artist to pave way for warm sunlight, pouring in soft rays that challenges our imagination over the transitory and perceptual complexities that attends distant smoldering substances, making them quasi behind such backgrounds like the one represented in the works of the artist. This thus leaves the viewer with an impression about nature that conveys a feeling of dream-like locale or the idea of paradise with all its splendour. Amid the stillness that pervades Akinnire’s works, the uninterrupted flow of water that descends the rock or flow from stream source, creates movement around the picture.
Rotimi Akinnire was born in Nigeria in 1971. He attended the Institute of Textile Technology, Art & Design, Lagos. He is vastly experienced and has jointly exhibited over 11 times. His works are sought after by local and international collectors alike. He has participated in numerous exhibitions within and outside Nigeria. He lives and works in Lagos.