Pattie Firestone

PATTIE PORTER FIRESTONE is a sculptor working in metal, wood and stone. Using flat sheets of metal as her vocabulary, Firestone creates a language about energy, movement and rhythm for both indoor and outdoor sculpture.

She served as President of the Washington Sculptors Group, a nonprofit in Washington, DC, 2004-2009 and has experience in a cooperative gallery, directing a public interest law center, teaching art and art history to children and other community activities. In 1981-1993 Firestone co-founded the Westside Arts Center, a nonprofit arts organization of artists teaching children in Santa Monica, California. Thus, her organizational and communications skills are well hewed.

Her large solo show SEISMIC DREAM in 2011 at American University Museum in the Sylvia Berlin Katzen Sculpture Garden won critical acclaim. Working under time constraints and site-specific structures, Firestone transformed the “garden.” Firestone worked with a fabricator and the museum staff to temporarily alter the entire envelope of the large concrete space.

She won the 2006 GAIA PRIZE as a permanent installation in Potomac Overlook Regional Park, Arlington, Virginia. She worked with the Park staff and community in developing the design to fit their educational needs.

PRESENTLY, Firestone has work publicly on display in Portsmouth, VA, and Lorton, VA. Her most recent exhibition was in the lobby of 1111 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, DC exhibiting 18 pieces through Zenith Gallery, in Washington DC. Collections include collectors in CA, DC, MD, VA as well at in the states of Georgia, Colorado, Missouri, West Virginia, South Carolina and Maine. in Herndon, VA just purchased a Firestone sculpture for their collection.