Nicola Dickson

I was born in 1959 in Queensland and have lived in various urban and rural locations in Australia. My interest in exploring perceptions of the natural world of Australia arises from a life-long interest in animals and plants. My initial training as a veterinarian equipped me with a broad, scientifically based means of understanding the individual creature and their place within an ecosystem. Since childhood I have drawn and painted plants, birds and animals. These early works provided a means for me to explore the attraction that the natural world and its inhabitants held for me.
In 2003 I completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the School of Art, ANU. During my Honours year I created large scale paintings that engaged with the perception of the sublime triggered by overwhelming weed infestations. This research provoked me to question my original sense of affinity with nature and associated notions of place and identity formed in relation to the natural world of Australia. The opportunity to explore this uncertainty informed my PhD research project and continues to direct my artistic practice.