Matt Moulthrop

Being a third generation wood turner, it seems I have spent my entire life surrounded by wood. As a young adult, I learned that the artistry of wood turning comes not from the hand, but from the eye. Being able to “see” the shape of the bowl has been a legacy and a gift I have tried to improve upon with my own vision and version of style, form, and texture. In my quest to create, I strive to blend both tradition and innovation into an art form that honors my legacy and creates a new one. Each piece I create is a unique experience for me and hopefully, for the viewer. I endeavor to inject into each one a balance of color and form, shape and substance that fully displays the beauty and richness of the tree. Each tree has a story to tell. Worm holes convey past life, rings communicate growth, and certain colors tell the story of death by lightening or blight. My job is to tell the story in picture book fashion, showing rather than talking, lengthening the life of the tree rather than ending it. Between the natural and the artificial, there is a bridge made by fusing the innate beauty of the material with the more modern techniques and designs that accentuate the splendor that is turned wood. My hope is to build that bridge for you.