Mary Lou Gibson

Spontaneity and fluidity come to mind when describing Mary Lou Gibson’s abstract acrylic paintings. While maintaining her long-held interest in water within the landscape as subject matter, Gibson’s recent works are more indicative of the internal landscape that reflects her interior contemplative spiritual life. Intuitive in approach, fluid in style and expansive in nature, her paintings may seem apparently simple yet complexity is revealed as one meditates upon them. They are composed of many sheer layers of fluid acrylics incorporating a wide ranging palette which can extend from subtle tones, occasionally interrupted with more intense surprises, to vividly flowing layers of brilliantly juxtaposed colors.

One turns to the process of art to venture into the hidden being within the self and then to go beyond that essence. Meditation on the object bridges the object with the self. It’s not just the river, the wave, the sound of the bell tower, or whatever inspires the artist; it’s the oneness of creativity that bridges object to artist to viewer. The object is the invitation. The exposed self, through the creative process and its eventual expression gives rise to the journey taken by the viewer. It’s all journey of the inner spirit, process of the soul, revealing itself in our humble works of art.

Originally from Locust Valley, New York, Mary Lou Gibson’s works of art have been exhibited in galleries in Manhattan, Westchester County, New England, the Upper Midwest, North Carolina, Florida, and most recently by invitation at the American Embassy in Sophia, Bulgaria. Her paintings, monotypes and oil pastels have won numerous awards and are included in many collections. She is a graduate of the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida and holds a Master’s Degree from Adelphi University in Garden City, New York. She currently resides in St. Augustine, Florida. Her paintings are currently represented through Virginia Barrett Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut and Plum Contemporary Art in St. Augustine, Florida.