Kendall Nelson

Kendall Nelson was raised in California, where she attended San Francisco State University and the Brooks Institute of Photography. Nelson’s photographs are exhibited in museums and art galleries nationwide and her images have been featured by numerous publications, including National Geographic Online, Camera Arts, Photo District News, and USA Today. Nelson’s fascination with diversity and culture has led her to photograph a wide range of subjects – from herdsmen in Mongolia to women’s health issues in Africa with the United Nations. In addition to her career as a still photographer, she worked as a segment producer and assistant director at Fox Television before moving to Sun Valley, Idaho, where she began traveling the West photographing cowboys. She published her first book Gathering Remnants – A Tribute to the Working Cowboy in 2000. Following her Gathering Remnants book, Nelson determined to tell the cowboys’ stories on film. She completed a documentary film also titled Gathering Remnants in 2006.