Jennifer Hayes

Jen Hayes is an aquatic biologist, writer and photographer specializing in natural history. She is the author of numerous articles on marine environments, with images appearing in countless books, magazine publications and advertising campaigns such as Rolex and Mercedes, the National Geographic Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Skin Diver, Sport Diver and DIVE Magazine.

Jen’s passion is primitive fishes and she is currently finishing a PhD at State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, NY, where she studies the life history and population dynamics of sturgeon species. After studying shark exploitation and finning in the western North Atlantic, Jen obtained an M.S. in marine biology from the University of Maryland. She lived and worked in Washington D.C. as project scientist and manager of an environmental division before surrendering to an obsession for all things aquatic.

Jen Hayes and David Doubilet collaborate on project development, story production, featured articles and books. National Geographic assignments have taken them to investigate the riches of Cuba reefs, the remote and bizarre beauty of Tasmania’s cold waters, great white sharks, the bounty of South Africa’s Seas, the dark secrets and dangers in Africa’s Okavango Delta and a current Indonesian project.

Jen and David co-own their studio and stock photography company, Undersea Images Inc., located on the St. Lawrence River in Clayton, New York.