Jacob Brown

I sustain myself through the creation of art. It is the creative act that gives me purpose. Having spastic cerebral palsy sets many limitations on my mobility and fine motor skills. These limitations form my visual language and my artistic process.

Looking back I can’t remember time when I wasn’t involved in making art. Being the youngest in a creative family, I was always surrounded by the production of art and other projects. To create my art I use found materials from my father’s garage and my brother’s art studio.

My art is a reflection of the physicality of my movement and of the salvaged and found materials from my father’s workshop and my brother’s studio. It is through creating art that I give purpose to found materials and to myself. Art sustains me.

Jacob Brown, grew up in Mars, Pennsylvania. The youngest of three children, Jacob recalls that making and creating art was an activity that his entire family participated in. Though his spastic cerebral palsy sets many limitations on his mobility and fine motor skills, it also forms his visual language and artistic process.

Brown’s artwork has been featured in local, regional, and national exhibitions and has garnered several awards. Jacob’s paintings are abstract creations that pulse with an amalgam of media, including pastels, inks, acrylics, oils, stains, lacquers, metal scraps, and metal leaf. The freedom of color and material on Brown’s paintings are in contrast to his limited mobility due to spastic cerebral palsy.

Jacob never lets his physical limitations get in the way of his creativity or his sense of adventure. An Eagle Scout and an avid adaptive skier, Jacob also rows competitively with the Three Rivers Rowing Association adaptive team. Jacob attends the St. Anthony Post-Secondary Program at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, where he is an active member of Duquesne’s Best Buddies chapter.