Gregory Constantine

Art is the outward expression of an inner life in the artist, and that inner life is his personal vision of theworld. No amount of skillful dexterity and invention can replace the essential element of imagination. . .

I taught painting, drawing, and art history at Andrews University for forty-three years while immersing myself in contemporary art for 45 years. The art world past and present is knitted into the fabric of my life. I also conducted sixteen art history summer sessions for students in Europe where I gained a first hand experience with the museums and cathedrals there. I began exhibiting nationally in 1969, and since 1975, mounted numerous one man shows including New York (eighteen) and elsewhere (Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Detroit, Frankfurt and Bucharest). These exhibitions and my eight publications (see list below) have been the direct result of dedicated, passionate work in my studio and my presence networking in the art scene of New York City, etc.

The focus of my professional career has clearly been the exhibiting of my art in New York City, and as a result, a moderate reputation has developed. The exhibition of the various generations of my work created throughout these years has resulted in a following of collectors and critics who have become observers and commentators.

I received several modest faculty research grants that assisted in travel and the purchase of necessary materials enabling me to work in studio and exhibit my work in New York, Chicago and Europe. In 1986 I was the recipient of a Michigan Creative Artists Grant. In 1984 I was awarded the J.N. Andrews Medallion by Andrews University for outstanding research and publication. In 1996 I was given the title of Artist-in-Residence and Research Professor of Art. I retired in 2005 but continue to create art and exhibit my work.

Recently, I have accepted invitations to lecture about artists (Van Gogh, Picasso, Michelangelo, Leonardo, et al.) on cruise ships, as well as for the Art in Embassies Program (in Athens). I dressed in costume as the artist for these occasions and created positive response. As a result of my Romanian heritage, I was invited to mount two of my one person exhibitions in Bucharest.