Georg Gerster

Georg Gerster was born in Winterthur, Switzerland, and received his doctorate from Zurich University. Since 1956 he has been a freelance journalist working for Neue Zuricher Zeitung and Washington, D.C.-based National Geographic. He has also created aerial photography above 111 countries and six continents.

“Flying on business over Iran,” Gerster writes, “I had been struck by the thought that Persia’s natural and cultural landscape was predestined to be viewed from the air.” Indeed Gerster, who is hailed as a pioneer in aerial photography, allows us bird’s-eye-views that reveal the magnificence of the country’s architectural feats and splendid countryside. His photographs allow us to explore ancient citadels and architectural sites; some, like the historic Persepolis, built thousands of years ago. The abstraction of these works obscures a precise identification and evokes a sense of mystery.
Image courtesy of Karin Hofer, NZZ