G. Eric Slayton

Slayton is known for his colorist style and bold approach to simplify his subject matter into a rhythmic dance of light and shape. He uses his love of nature to create mood, balance and emotion; an ability that comes only with patience and respect for land and sea. “I respect nature and its profound continuity and grace. I strive only to convey the dignity and power that I experience whenever I explore a new mountain vista or stretch of beach,” states Eric.

Being primarily a studio painter, it’s important for an artist to use all his years of academics, study of nature and passion to recapture that specific moment in time for all to see. Eventually the academics become subconscious and intuition takes over. This ability has placed Slayton at the top of the national fine art field. Eric brings his bravura brushwork and colorful interpretations to each canvas whether his subject is a quiet stretch of beach, a figure in repose or a simple still life. His images are filled with light and wonderful color harmonies. “Painting should be about an emotion not just a portrait of the subject matter.”

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