Diane Tripp

My art career began unexpectedly. Despite a background in Psychology, Social Work, Special Education, Spiritual Counseling and Alternative Healing, I was drawn to take a workshop on unleashing one’s creativity. During the course of this workshop, I became passionate about finding an outlet for artistic expression. I explored various mediums such as acrylics, watercolor pencil, watercolor and airbrush with acrylic. I soon began working with a creative partner, and we discovered a unique airbrush technique and created our own business called Enchanted Gardenscapes, selling to local venues. Simultaneously, I continued to explore fine art courses and workshops to discover which media might feel like a match for my desire to express myself in this new found way . I moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2005 and discovered pastels. This medium immediately took center stage in my life and I’ve continued exploring deeper and deeper ways of expressing myself through this rich, sensuous media.

I explored several artistic modalities, looking for an expression that would touch my heart and soul and give a voice to how I see and feel about the world. Once I was introduced to pastels, I knew I had discovered that expression. Working with this visceral and tactile medium has offered me a direct hands-on experience and the ability to merge with both the process and the art form itself. I escape into a place of silence and reflection so as to deeply discover what it is I want to say about life. My choices in subject matter come from an innate love of the Divine. Whether creating a landscape, a still life or a floral image, my love for Mother Nature and Her endless gifts can shine through and speak their own magic. My continuous goal is to discover and demonstrate what is truly extraordinary in the simple and ordinary displays of life, be that real, imaginary or a little of both.