Diana Nicosia

Diana Nicosia’s paintings find their deep inspiration in the glories of the Italian landscape, both natural and man-made. Her power of composition and the skillful handling of light exert a subtle charm upon the viewer infusing a sense of well-being, harmony and visual pleasure. Ms. Nicosia has lived in Italy extensively and she has fully taken to heart the sensibility which characterizes that country’s unequalled artistic achievement. It is therefore perfectly fitting that the Vatican invited her to paint the Holy See’s private gardens and that the Italian government saw fit to honor her with the Terzio Millenium Award.

Nicosia has painted scenes from the Brazilian rain forest, the Mid-East, New York City, New England, the estate of Winston Churchill as well as places near her home in Gulf Stream, Florida. In all her work, there is the unifying theme of her masterful handling of light and color, which conveys the unique Nicosian touch. Ms. Nicosia received much of her artistic training at the studio school founded by the renowned artist R.H. Ives Gammell in Boston. She has exhibited widely in the United States and has shown in London, Kuwait and South Korea and her works are found in numerous private and corporate collections.