David Pluth

David Pluth has been a professional photographer and filmmaker specializing in transitional cultures, mountains, and the environment since 1970.

He started his professional career as a wildlife documentary film cameraman in British Columbia and now works with both still and video photography out of his studio near Lake Zurich in Stäfa, Switzerland. He holds a master’s degree in Environmental Design from the University of Calgary.

Assignments have seen Pluth working in the Arctic, Antarctic, South America, Mongolia, China, Eastern Europe, and the Seychelles. Pluth’s clients have included cosmetics firms, jewelry designers, airlines, and major hotel chains as well as Save the Children and the World Food Programme. He has worked extensively in Africa on cultural change, promotional photography, and tourism development for the governments of Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

Pluth contributed photographs to National Geographic’s book Kilimanjaro: To the Roof of Africa and has been the principal photographer for several other books, including Eye of the Storm, Uganda Rwenzori, and Kilimanjaro: Africa’s Great White Mountain. He has also published Karamoja!!, a book about Uganda’s warrior nomads, and another book about the history of Ngorongoro Crater and conservation in Africa. Pluth’s work regularly appears in travel, news, and environmental journals.