Daniel Blagg

A native of Oklahoma, Daniel Blagg lives and works in Fort Worth, Texas. A self-taught artist, he has exhibited extensively in Texas and Boston, and his work is included in many corporate collections and in the Museum of South Texas in Corpus Christi. Blagg concentrates on an urban landscape that he knows in detail, drawing on the neighborhoods around his studio, on the fringe of the city. He captures both the physical and emotional texture and nuance of an often gritty cityscape, that is at once familiar and strangely evocative.

“For me, asking an artist to make a statement is to take what is fluid and free and restrict it to definition and limitation. As an artist, I don’t know all the motives that draw me to a subject. They are both simple and complex, and I prefer to leave them a mystery. I can only say that even though I paint in a realistic way, I tend to avoid formula and style. What I hope comes out in the end is the raw signature of emotional observation.” (New American Paintings No. 42: Seventh Open Studios Western Competition, Boston: The Open Studios Press, 2003)