Cody Hoyt

Ceramicist Cody Hoyt “began experimenting with using ceramics as a material to create flat work a while back. It’s sort of like a combination of mosaicking, tiling, and quilting,” he says. “[This has] allowed me to approach the material more in terms of drawing and image-making, while remaining inside of a sculptural medium and utilizing the super versatile materiality of clay. I’m building an image from pieces of objects, as opposed to working on a surface like paper or canvas and building an image through mark making. Mark making via drawing is a rich source of incidence and vitality. I feel that one way to bring these elements into my ceramics is to embrace the incidental nature of the material and its unpredictability when it comes to firing…The cracks, inclusions, and imperfections are ways to seize serendipitous moments of chance in an otherwise gradual and methodical process.