Charles Bhebe

“The human condition has been constantly evolving and undergoing physical and psychological changes for decades. Change is inevitable, as the human beings need to survive and justify their existence in relation to their surroundings. Issues of existentialism have always been crucial to how mankind seeks out belonging on this earth and is a means to search our individual identities. Belonging has created a new form of radicalisation of nationalism and the questions of place, history, origin and identity arise.

In my quest to understand and redefine the ideas of who we are, I chose to tap into exploring the human state of being and how they react to advancements. We exist in a world that has become so technologically advanced and virtual. Our identities are now intertwined with the tech world and mankind faces the risk of losing authentic selves in the process of redefining themselves in the 21st century. My work interrogates social perceptions and hopes that come with chasing belonging.”