Caroline Carrington

The enchantment of the landscape has motivated every aspect of my life. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, and have grown up in a ranching family. Ranching and wildlife management have always been a passion and recreation for my family. As a child, my fondest memories were spending time with my family in the Texas Hill Country. My budding creative spirit has been nurtured by these experiences, along with creative artistic family members. The Texas Hill Country, South Texas, and the landscapes of Mexico have given me the space to continue to imagine and create.

As a graduate in 1992 from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting I found myself to be the only student specializing in landscape painting. However, my painting professor, Jim Woodson, influenced me greatly none the less. He and I shared the same favorite destination, Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was there that I spent many summers creating plain air landscapes. I was even fortunate enough in my time in New Mexico to study under the late renowned landscape artist David Barbero.

When I returned to San Antonio I continued to paint full time and worked a short stent as an art teacher. I also worked at a successful local art gallery where I gained valuable knowledge of the art business and most importantly made valuable, lifelong friendships with a variety of other artists.

My body of work has become a personal narrative, not only of my visual experiences, but of my state of mind. As I grow as an artist, the creative process has become a spiritual necessity. What began as aesthetic enjoyment has developed into a deeper sense of self discovery. The landscapes I paint are from my travels to spectacular regions of the Southwest. Many these locations have a magical, sacred quality which cannot be ignored. The rugged beauty of the Southwest captures my heart and senses like no other place in the world.
Other than landscapes, the art that I most enjoy is naive art and Mexican folk art. The simplicity of color and design brings me warmth and happiness. The uninhibited childlike vision in these works is nearly impossible to recreate as an adult. The great folk artists manage to stay pure and simple. I believe my passion for folk art stems from my deep desire to simplify my art and my life. At this time I am continuing to follow these passions and am enjoying myself to the fullest.

© 2011 by Caroline Korbell Carrington