Carol Ravenal

To Carol Bird Ravenal, PhD, travel and study are intertwined and essential to being a well-rounded artist and individual. A professor emerita of art in the College of Arts and Sciences, Ravenal attributes much of her success as a painter to a life-changing trip to Scandinavia in college – and she wanted to give art students today that same opportunity. She established the Carol Bird Ravenal Award to provide art students the opportunities to travel, explore, and expand their horizons. In 2008, the award’s first recipient, Katherine Gartrell, was selected by the art faculty.

Ravenal, an accomplished painter, art historian and pyschobiographer, also served as the chair of the Friends of the Art Department, vice president of the American Psychohistorical Association, and chair of the D.C. Chapter of the International Psychohistorical Association. Prior to joining AU in 1969, she taught at Rhode Island College and the Rhode Island School of Design. She received her doctorate from Harvard University.