Bonnie Holland

Bonnie Lee Holland has a diverse background as an artist, educator, arts administrator, curator, writer, and creativity consultant. For her own work, she often does research in diverse fields such as biological and physical sciences, geography, literature, history, and mythology. She uses her experience with animated film, dance, narrative, and performance art: all media that incorporate elements of time, space and movement. Transformation, metamorphosis, growth, internal and external journeys, and non-static portraits are common themes in her work. Along with teaching art techniques in mixed media, textiles, color and design, she has a particular interest in facilitation of creativity and creative problem solving. Her classes and workshops are labs for exploration.

Bonnie’s art, including her more recent large-scale painting, textiles, hand scrolls, and mixed media installations, has been exhibited at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the Textile Museum, the Delaware Arts Museum, the Katonah Museum of Art and many regional arts centers. She has won individual artist awards from the Maryland State Arts Council and Art and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, plus awards and grants for AIE (artist-in-education), community arts, and fashion. Her articles and reviews have appeared in American Craft, Fiberarts, and the Surface Design Journal. Visit her studio at the north end of the Yellow Barn building. The entrance faces the Pottery yurts.

Bonnie maintains has flexible studio hours and welcomes visitors. When not there, visitors may still look in and see work in progress and interested individuals may call to make an appointment to view the studio.