Arthur Cohen

Internationally renowned painter ARTHUR COHEN is a virtuoso, a master of just when the last note of a painting is complete, and Cohen, now 76, has been painting Provincetown for almost fifty years. “When the timbre of a moment resounds in a handful of strokes and a wash of shimmering light,” observed art critic Jan Adlmann, “Cohen intuitively knows that ‘balance’ has been achieved. ”Finding that balance” the artist has explained, “is like walking a tightrope.”
Cohen’s sweeping panoramas of Provincetown Harbor are developed from storied layering and scraping – thin levels of paint built up over a day, week or even over several years, referred to by Cohen as the “ghost” in his painting. It is this “buried” sense of time and continuity that evokes a sense of timelessness and spatial infinity. Working with a focused palette of blues and grays, occasionally some pink and green, Cohen repeatedly brings the viewer a synthesis of light from different moments; his landscape paintings possess an inherent monumentality that is eternally, classically Provincetown.