Anasazi Thomas

Printmaking is a rewarding practice for Louisville artist Anasazi Thomas where she can explore aspects of balance and symmetry. Her process involves collating small drawings and symbols that ultimately recede into her large, subtly shifting ambiguous forms. The idea of a growing and changing mass consisting of individual component parts becomes for Thomas a metaphor for the Universe and the “connectivity of all things.” Her silk screens reflect the microcosm of our world, reflected in her use of small humble shapes that comprise the complex whole. The making of prints is often compared to humans — they’re all the same but also different, with each piece laid out and printed by hand.

From a distance her large shapes often appear to reference architectural, human or animal forms. Rather than using words to create her titles she strives for greater ambiguity “by using symbols that allude to the shape of the piece.”

This promotes a more in depth engagement with the work as the viewers interpret “what they actually see in the images thus drawing their own connection.’”