Albert Hakobyan

Blocks of vivid color, electric with energy, dominate the paintings of Albert Hakobyan. A restless stream of consciousness and a mysterious spirituality take visible shape in his avant-garde mindscapes. These are paintings whose mystery always will elude solution, but will remain eternally fascinating.

Albert Hakobyan, a winner of the Vahagn Award for Art and Culture, was born in 1958 in Echmiadzin, Armenia. He is a graduate of P. Terlemezian Fine Arts College, Yerevan. His works have been showcased in group exhibitions in the United States, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Syria, Kuwait, Iran, Lebanon, Argentina and Brazil, and form part of the permanent mission of Armenia in Moscow. An Abstractionist from the beginning, Hakobyan is among the most successful adherents of this complex stream in modern art. And yet, one senses the experience of past ages in his work.