Yair Barak

Born 1973, lives and works in Tel-Aviv. Yair Barak has studied at Bezalel academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem and graduated from the Camera Obscura School of Art, Tel Aviv. He has studied at the prestigious MFA program in Bard College, New York. Barak’s work deals with discursive issues, the mechanism of reproduction and esthetic’s borderlines in between photography, drawing and installation. In his recent work, Barak is involved in pseudo-photographic processes such as scanning, digital drawing and appropriation of ‘already-made” images. Barak was an America-Israel Cultural Foundation recipient from 2000-2003. His works have been shown in well-known galleries and museums in Israel and have been acquired by private and public collections in Israel and abroad. Amongst them: Tel-Aviv Museum, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Haifa Museum and the Steinhardt Collection NY. Beside his art practice Barak is a curator, a lecturer and a writer.